Stories from Wonderland

ciphered moment pictures The wonderland is the pure Cipherism. Here, every part is a cipher for itself and, beyond itself, tells the greater story of the whole picture. The pictures show moments from the life of the artist, thought concepts, decisions or remind of things that she has learned and must not forget. * for […]

sozialkritische socio-critical rabea peter azb demonstrationen


socio-critical pictures The works distinguish themselves by a particular directness but to find the story behind the easily grasped expression one must pay attention to details. * for sale

drama short film kurzfilm schneckgeschichte azb rabea peter

“snail story”

drama short film 2014 – The other day I wrote a story. – Fine. – I would read it to you. Do you want to hear it? – Okay. – It’s called “Simply no one can deal with intimicy”.

short film kurzfilm seien sie gewinner rabea peter

“Be A Winner!”

short film to the topic ‘invitation & refusal’ 2012 Congratulations Mr. Keller! You were selected among 15,000 competitors and now have the chance to win one of three unique prizes. Just visit one of our branch store and be a winner, because every ticket wins!

traditionally animated zeichentrick animation kurzfilm rabea peter

“Aneleh & the Art”

with ballpoint pen traditionally animated video – ongoing long-term project – A short and personal impression of nature and meening of art. The video is developing by the same dogma, as it’s gonna be raised in the action.   Exerpts from the storyboard