Neonazur - Still - Rabea Janek Peter


short film

Fink, who is new in town, attends a small open air. There he meets a group of wild young people. When the event ends due to the impending dream weather, everyone leaves – except for his new friends, who are bubbling with anticipation and persuading him to stay. Although it’s forbidden. The dream weather begins to materialize the subconscious of the people. What will come to the surface is uncertain.

directed by
Rabea Janek Peter & Frank Hofacker

produced by
Jesus Fernandez de Castro, Frank Hofacker, Lukas Winter

Dorothea Pilz

Isabella Kohl

sound design
Karim Hegazy

Aneleh & die Kunst - Kurzfilm - Rabea Janek Peter

Aneleh & the Art

with ballpoint pen traditionally animated video
– ongoing long-term project –

A short and personal impression of the nature and meening of art. The video is developing by the same dogma, as it’s gonna be raised in the action.

Exerpts from the storyboard

Higher - Still - Rabea Janek Peter


2D animated movie

In a monotonous, black-and-white city, where no one lifts the eye, for the first time one looks up to the sky.

Design for the female protagonist Mathilde