Stories from Wonderland

ciphered moment pictures

The wonderland is the pure Cipherism. Here, every part is a cipher for itself and, beyond itself, tells the greater story of the whole picture. The pictures show moments from the life of the artist, thought concepts, decisions or remind of things that she has learned and must not forget.

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Ciphered Portrait

ciphristic picture series

Recognizability of the looks of the person is less important for the ciphered portrait. Instead it shows the emotional body of the portrayed person in the artist’s cipher world.

Fotomontage series fotoreihe akt fotomontage schwarzweiß brüche rabea peter


a ciperistic photomontage series

In every character, or realationship between characters opposite tendencies are operating, keeping the fragile equilibrium. A minor impulse can shatter the balance and unleash the forces holding each other, let them intensivy:
untill the crack appiers.


cipheristic picture series

The Emostrations [ = emotion + illustration] are Rabea Peter’s biggest picture series in which emotions are illustrated. Thematized is that every emotion embodies a conglomeration of on and on splitable, more elementary emotions. The pictures operate like a formula or sign language and composition, arrangement and size of the ciphers, as well as the colour symbolism describe the concerning feeling.

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sozialkritische socio-critical rabea peter azb demonstrationen


socio-critical pictures

The works distinguish themselves by a particular directness but to find the story behind the easily grasped expression one must pay attention to details.

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“Human and thy own Room”

a cipheristic photo series

The photo series describes the symbiosis which a person and the space become with each other, how they influence, decorate and bind each other; they grow together, coalesce.

rabea peter azb stillleben

still lifes

pencil drawings

of dolls and vegetables, traditional till morbide

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bewegungststudie zeichnung rabea peter

Movement Studies

movement studie and a metamorphosis